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Classic Dodge Charger Heavy Powerful 1968 at its Best ! Crazy Beast

Here is the Classic Dodge Charger 1968 that is Compared to modern cars it gets dreadful mileage and has mediocre brakes.  It’s a blast to drive and turns heads everywhere it goes. one can’t imagine ever selling it. The Classic Dodge Charger is a beautiful car and a blast to drive. It gets plenty of waves and shouts of “Nice car! Just don’t try to drive a dodge and eat something at the same time… Finished in black on black. Recent restoration including paint and interior. Built upgraded 440 with 727 transmission. Did not originally come with air conditioning, but now has a new Vintage Air system that blows cold. It also has new tires and wheels. It has a Six Pack hood. This car looks great and runs better. Fun to cruise and take to shows. Here is your chance to own a very nice 1968 Dodge Charger. we’d say the bad guys should always win. It is tough to give those long flat body panels a good enough prep job for black paint, but it looks to have worked out quite nicely on this ’68.



The engine of Classic Dodge Charger  is very clean, and the car does have power steering. The 383 is a good upgrade over the base 318 V8.




The interior is in fantastic condition, but we would swap out the white seats and panels as soon as we recovered from the purchase. Red would be interesting, but black is the right way to go. Column shifted automatic and black carpets are already dialed. With the black interior, this is our preferred set-up for any Classic Dodge Charger . If the body is as straight and dry as it looks in the photos we think this car is a fair deal even at the full asking price. Drive it only with the requisite black rim eyeglasses



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