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Constructing The World’s Smallest Miniature W-18 Engine !

Miniature construction of a W -18 engine with direct injection of compressed air completely artesanal.Teóricamente engine is a set of parts or mechanisms able to take advantage of any power source to turn it into energy mecánica.Los engines Patelo advantage compressed air to transform mecánico.Estos movement in motors are designed for teaching indoors and therefore have to operate on compressed air. Patelo this engine dedicated to all lovers of mechanical , engineering to schools and especially students of Vocational Training. it is wonderfully shot video that will completely overwhelm you and leave you mesmerized, I know it did those things to me. Starting to assemble it from the very first component, one by one, until the whole motor is ready and done and starts working. Plus the powerful music of Tomas Newman`s soundtrack “The Horse Whisperer” will put you in a state of hypnosis.

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