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‘Dads Day Out’ The Super Car Event

A unique national charity providing care, education, therapy and rehabilitation to some of the UK’s most severely disabled children. Some of the children helped by the Trust are born with disabilities, others may have become disabled suddenly as a result of a severe accident or illness.

A two day supercar extravaganza with something for everyone. The Supercar Event: Sat 20th – Sun 21st June 2015. Dunsfold – Top Gear test track

Simply put, the opportunity to enjoy the cars doing what they are designed for. Not just watching, but as a passenger, from the Supercars on the Top Gear circuit, Caterhams being flung around in donuts or drifts or a longer ride with some of the Sporting Bears in their rare dream cars…..there’s much much more and its all in aid of charity.

Saturday 20th Sunday 21st June 2015

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Ride in a Supercar – 2 laps of the track. Starts from £30

Caterham rides – You’ll lose count of the number of times you drift – £20

Sporting Bears Dream Rides – Amazing choice of cars

Helicopter rides – Thrill seek rides

Mini Tank Driving – Yes, you really do get to drive a tank, so much fun!

Segway Rides – Go on try it out, it’s even more fun than it looks!

Hovercraft rides – Forget Air Jordans…Air Curtains – they’re the future!

Cheltenham Karting – Power to weight counts, your kids will beat you!

Silverstone Rookie Drivers – Race instruction for kids 14 years up

Stay Safe Driving School – First time drives age 14 up

Active Simulators – The Top Gear Simulator

Rev to Race – Exciting and racing simulators, can you beat our time?

Blazing Squad – rides in a real fire engine

Diggerland – ride in a big yellow JCB!

Thrill Seeker Ride – Similar to the regular ride but a longer flight with a few twists and turns.  

Crazy Carts – the ultimate drifting machine (from 9+)

Fun area – for younger children including Peppa Pig

Lexus LFA Rides – only 8 rides available each day in one of the only LFA’s in the UK

Rossetts Mercedes-Benz – try out the new 4×4 course in a 4×4 or 6×6 Sprinter, or take a ride in a Actros truck


Ok, so you love cars – clearly you do otherwise you’d be on another website instead of wondering what we have in store. You go to shows to see beautifully designed supercars that are built to discover just how quick people would like to go if the 70mph limit was abolished.

A Koenigsegg can reach 250mph and an F40 202mph but looking at them behind a rope can get old very quickly. Before this event, the chances of seeing your poster car on the move whatever it may be, an F40, a Koenigsegg or a Ford GT40 (depending on your age) were very slim and the opportunity of getting into the car and being driven around a track was next to zero. Well, not any more…

Car events are great if you want to just look but ultimately they are unsatisfying. What does it sound like? How fast can it go? 0-60 in 2.8 seconds?  Great, but what does that feel like?

“Daddy, there’s a Ferrari!! Can we get one? NO. Can we go in one? No.” Errrm… Actually, yes you can! And you can ride in a helicopter or a hovercraft or be flung around while someone’s doing legal donuts in a Caterham.

Do we need to say anymore? Thought not… Come and get involved!

for more information Visit http://www.thesupercarevent.com/


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