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Danny Macaskill At the Top of World ! Crazy Bicycle Riding

Danny Macaskill At the Top of World. The Ridge,  Crazy Bicycle Riding literally at the top of the world. This left me breathless! Enjoy the amazing stunt video which is sponsored by Red Bull! This latest video sees Danny taking his bike, not his trails one by the way, up to an exposed ridge in the Cuillin mountains. Just sit back and watch and if you want to find out how it all came together then this film about the production shows just how much went into it all. This edit resonates a real cinematic feel with jaw dropping images and climatic atmosphere. However, capturing the stunning shots presented some challenges for the experienced filmer: “It was certainly one of the most demanding locations we’ve ever filmed, but a rewarding one at the same time. Danny and I are very proud of being from Scotland so it was great to be able to show off the amazing landscape along with Danny’s incredible riding.”

Danny Macaskill has had some pretty amazing videos in the past, Imaginate last year was definitely different and his last video Epecuén was shot in an amazing but desolate location.



Danny MacAskill’s technical riding skills shine through the gnarly terrain with rocks the sizes of small cars, unforgiving lines and huge cliff drops so close to the trail. You might find it somewhat strange seeing Danny on a full suspension mountain bike but for him it was a long-term wish to explore the Isle of Skye: “Ever since I was a kid growing up on Skye I have always dreamt about riding a bike up on the Cuillin ridge ! The project took a lot of planning and was probably one of the most physically demanding films I have ever worked on!



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