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Making a Difference ? Do You Know The TUNERS & RICERS?

Tuner” (tjuːnə — noun) – “it’s a person who does performance modifications before the vehicle’s appearance modifications. The “Ricer” does the opposite thing!

making a difference ? Do You Know The TUNERS & RICERS?

A tuner is a ricer.  These guys these days that think they’re tuners are really not, let’s first examine what is a tuner?  A tuner is someone who is tuning an engine.  Tuning an engine means adjusting mechanical engine timing, ignition timing, air fuel ratios, primary header lengths, how to properly break in a cam, choosing the right cam, choosing the right rod length ratio, how to use chip programming software, etc. A ricer is someone who wants to only make their car “look” fast.  Even people who don’t know sh*t about cars can spot a ricer.  Guys who do this call themselves tuners, so hence the reason I say tuner = wanna be fast car (ricer).

Ricer logic : Evade police pursuits like in need for speed most wanted and you’ll collect bounty. More the bounty, more the reputation and more people will respect you no matter how riced your car is.


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