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Dodge Challenger 1970 Driving ! The Best Way To Impress Your Babe

Here you are watching Dodge Challenger 1970 old muscle car. And the car is in such a good condition and painted in cherry color. Can you imagine the video? You are arriving in front of the hotel door of, like Waldorf Astoria New York and the battler is confused and everybody stares at you while the engine is loping, mighty roars! And that is real appearing of a dodge challenger 1970 and there is no way that you will pass not noticed! The More exciting thing that under the hood is suited 426 V8 HEMI engine with massive 425 hp and you can perform a quick burnout at the hotel parking lot, to draw some lines in case the places for cars are not marked.

Specification Of Dodge Challenger 1970

Dodge Challenger 1970 all new performance pony car. It borrowed from no one. Completely new from the wide stance up. And the scoop drops the hint. The pony has a mean streak. Like a 440 Magnum V8. Light it up and you’ll get a quaking trace of four-barrel thunder. Dodge Challenger R/T has all the other going goodies, too: 4-on-the-floor full-synchro manual transmission. The Dodge Challenger 1970 is one of the most storied muscle car nameplates in automotive history. Meticulously restored and rare examples sell for six-figure prices. But only the very best of the classic Challengers could be chosen to represent the original Dodge ChallengerChallenger era when Dodge re-introduced the Dodge Challenger RT to the world in 2012.

1970 Dodge Challenger features a high performance 440ci V-8 topped with a high-flowing four-barrel carburetor and true dual exhaust. Dodge called it the 440 Magnum and it is one of the most coveted Dodge muscle car motors of the original muscle car era. The list of modifications is not only the stuff of which jealousy is made, but exhaustive. Though, Hotchkis claims the E-Max isn’t so wild, “Even in Auto-Cross trim, E-Max is a relatively stock vehicle compared to many of the auto-cross competitors.” Good to know. That said, it’s still a long list. The interior os this dodge challenger 1970 have been rebuilt as well, but kept as original as possible as the owner wanted to have a muscle car that has the gorgeous classic design combined with modern performance, rather than a shinny show car.


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