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Dodge Challenger HELLCAT wipe out Camaro Zl1 and Sportsbike

We caught a Hellcat out playing around with a Camaro and a few other cars

The Challenger/Charger Hellcat and SRT 392 cars are much more easy to drive and live with. They’re nicer, more comfortable, with driver modes from street to track. ALL of these cars are fast and fun and ALL can be modded to be faster. But the car that’s nicest to spend time in is the Hellcat

everyone know that we love watching the race videos and the race is gonna be more intresting when it is having  the cars, which are american muscle cars, these heavy machines are equipped with a brutal hrse power engine and are addicted to speed and beauty which revolves around all automotive industry.

this video is gonna be more thrilling when you will know that it consist of powerful muscle cars -Dodge Challenger Hellcat, Camaro Zl1, a motorcycle and ford mustang.. all are the real fighters and can make you amuse by their awsome speed and passionate thrill.

Hellcat is even faster and it’s STILL a good family car, which the Camaro and GT500 are not. ALL of these cars have strengths. All are fun and fast and all can be made faster. Choose the car that FITS. Watching unknown amateur drivers drag racing doesn’t tell us anything. Go drive the cars, choose the one you like and have fun.

So people here i convince you to sit behind and get ready to watch the extra ordinary performance of muscle cars.

P.S : Please don’t race your Hellcat with the stock rear tires……..the results will not be in your favor.:D





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