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1970 Dodge Challenger RT Driving Around the City !

We can write for days and nights and we will still be impressed by this 1970 Dodge Challenger RT. We will always find some interesting detail about it to share with you. Those who are passionate old muscle car lovers always surprise us with some extraordinary restoration that is breathtaking either it is matching the stock model or bringing freshness into the old beauty. Just watch the purple Dodge Challenger RT, with shaker holder on the hood to suck additional oxygen so it can make more dangerous screams. But what is screaming so mighty? Of course that’s the R/T, 7.0-liter V8 HEMI engine delivering 425 horsepower on the rear axle and 490 lb-ft of torque.

That’s how the video is made, yeah, that’s the impressive part that moves this car so fast. We really appreciate what this guy is doing, sharing this beautiful videos with us. Now we let you to watch the 1970 Dodge Challenger RT how is rocking on the highway with that awesome sound from the hemi engine. What else can be added, just watch the video and don’t forget to leave us comments. This Dodge Challenger RT has a 18 inch front and 20 inch rare wheels, custom carbon fiber dash, all new suspension and the plum crazy purple paint with a custom stripe really turns head with its modern day retro look. Point well taken, and to that end, we’re also considering last year’s top-shelf DODGE Challenger SRT in the comparison, which sported a normally aspirated 392-cu.in. V-8 beneath its hood.

Specifications of Dodge Challenger RT

The past, sometimes, is more fondly remembered in the present. While most of us pine for the days of cheap gas and affordable old muscle cars, it’s no secret that today’s muscle cars are capable of jaw-dropping performance off the dealer’s showroom floor, yet still come complete with a factory warranty and are capable of reasonable functionality as daily drivers. All the hype surrounding the upcoming release of the 707-horsepower Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat got us thinking: How does this modern muscle car stack up against the 1970 Dodge Challenger RT, equipped with the legendary 426-cu.in. “Street Hemi” engine? In fact, this Dodge Challenger RT is likely the most direct analog for the Hemi-powered 1970 Dodge Challenger RT, but we’re including the Hellcat simply because it is, at the moment,


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