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Dodge Challenger SRT 8 Exhaust Sound and Burnout !!

This loud and wild Dodge Challenger STR-8 was spotted in Hamburg, Germany and attracted a lot of attention. The crazy sounds that come out of a 3-inch custom valve exhaust by Customkingz are fascinating. Besides the custom exhaust, this Dodge has a new custom made headers, cold Air intake, and a new tune  The owner revved his beast and made up a nice 4-meter burnout. When an American car is spotted in Europe, it makes everyone jealous. Check out those insane exhaust sounds and burnouts! The first thing that is caught by the eye is of course the exterior. Often, car lovers express their personality through the automobile’s exterior. Big or small rims, spoiler or no spoiler, whole body kit or just some parts. The possibilities are endless. We happen to notice all this if the car is nearby. On the other hand another trait is noticed probably even before we see the car.



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