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Dodge Charger 1968 At The Sema 2011 ! Best Looking Charger

Here is Dodge Charger 1968 that you are going to see in only a few moments will be the best proof of everything abovementioned. This dodge charger 1968 is one of the best Charger that I have seen in my entire life. With a perfect done body lines, and with the blower out of the hood, stunning wheels. This Dodge Charger 1968 is a perfect dream car for every true old muscle car fan in the world! Some priceless moments happened in your life when you are completely speechless and with your jaw on the floor from so much beauty, that you actually need some time to get back into the reality and continue living like you use to do before that ‘fateful moment’ . 

The info we got about it, this stunner Dodge Charger 1968 was literally back from the dead, as it was about to be thrown to the shredder. The best proof that for those with a vision, nothing is impossible! The big fans of the classic muscle car 1968 Dodge Charger, have probably seen this jaw dropping dodge charger 1968 from the 2011 SEMA show. I think that anyone can easily come to the same conclusion that this is one of the toughest (if not The) example of the 1968 Dodge Charger that can knock a person out, only with its appearance.

Dodge Charger 1968 At Sema Show

This dodge charger 1968 belongs to Johan Eriksson, he is one of the famous guy who won “sweden’s best old muscle car” award at sema show 2011. only two years ago, this is without a doubt the most beautiful old muscle car that I have ever seen, not just a dodge Charger 1968. It is obvious that there are many customized parts in it, mostly to add more mean and ominous flavor to its stunning looks, and get us all mesmerized. This car could be the sound you are looking for today!

Next, see how the drives unload the vehicle from the platform. What is so special about this? Because he is handling things with care, with caution and assistance from the partner. They want to do it properly and not to be embarrassed in front of the crowd! Moreover, pay attention to the tires squeaking sound coming from the background!

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