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Dodge Charger 1968 Classic Muscle Car ! The Beauty

Here is the Dodge Charger 1968 beautiful muscle car . The only Dodge Charger 1968  which comes close to challenging the new Charger for styling accolades is the new Corvette, which is remarkably similar to the Charger, particularly when viewed from the rear quarter. Originality takes guts in Dodge’s position as the smaller division of the number three automaker, but the Charger’s aerodynamic wedge theme is not only distinctly new but it is very like the new breed of wind-tunnel tested sports/racing cars which are just now making their debut in the 1967 Can-Am series. Third, while the Charger is a vast improvement over its predecessor, the 1968 Corvette is anticlimactic after the Mako Shark show cars which preceded it. From the side profile the curves around the front fenders and rear quarter panels look almost like a Coke bottle. On the roof a “flying buttress” was added to give the rear window area a look similar to that of the 1966 Pontiac GTO .Unlike anything put out by Detroit in recent decades, it’s one of those cars that looks even better now than when it was released.

The Dodge Charger 1968 retained its full-length hidden headlight grille, but the fully rotating electric headlights had been replaced by a simple vacuum operated cover, similar to the Camaro RS. The full length taillights were gone as well. Instead, dual Corvette-inspired taillights were added.



A famous Charger was the four-speed, triple black Dodge Charger 1968  used in the movie Bullitt. The chase scene between Steve McQueen’s fastback Mustang GT and the hitmen’s Charger R/T is popularly regarded as one of the greatest car chase scenes ever filmed. There’s nothing quite like a muscle car. Classic American muscle cars capture the spirit of the auto industry, and the open road, like no other vehicle. It is also the type of car that gear heads and motor enthusiasts are most passionate about.


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