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Dodge Charger 1968 The Legendary Muscle Car ! Beast

This Dodge Charger 1968 is the best we have seen from the golden era of old muscle cars. This is a Big statement, You could say Corvettes because they are the number one collected car out there. Or the Mustang purely because of the shear numbers or maybe Camaro or Dodge Challenger. The Charger in this picture is a limited model selection. They were built in this style from Dodge Charger 1968, 1969 Dodge Charger, and 1970 Dodge Charger. That’s it. They built them before and after but these three years are the kings. If you go back and watch an old movie or a vintage TV show you see these cars everywhere being used.
They are great looking cars,Especially the Dodge Charger 1968 is the  fastest car, and never go out of style. I hope the folks that designed this model are retired and rich as they designed a car that is the best. From a limited amount of slant six engines to a 318 and up to the 440. We all know the movie Bullitt which made not only the Dodge Charger famous forever but of course the ‘Stang. The Dodge Charger 1968 is also used in the Duke of Hazzard which still runs all over the world.

The Dodge Charger 1968  is number one in my book for style, power, ease of driving, ease of working on, great re-sale value, unlimited ways to restore or rod it. Essentially, it is one of the most recognizable of the old muscle cars. With its long muscular look, the car properly defines the statement ‘Classic muscle car’ better than any other vehicle. Rare, 1968 triple black Dodger Charger 1968 R/T ! 440 engine, Hurst 4-speed transmission.
Slight cam, Hooker ceramic headers.
3.54 rear-end gears in Dana 60 Track Pack.
Coker classic redline tires.

Dodge charger 1968 Specifications

This remarkable dodge charger 1968 started life as a 383 car and has been transformed into a beautiful Pro Touring. The Bair Customs crew have done a remarkable job on the exterior. Slick black paint, awesome chrome and a nice set of  Alloys wheels. Inside they kind of kept the factory look and have added nice black leather seats, cool steering wheel, carbon fiber piston grip and a set of silver gauges. Muscle Motors have built a monster 528 cubic inch Stroked HEMI motor for this Pro Touring Dodge Charger 1968 generating approx. 700 horses.

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