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Dodge Charger 1968 Ready For Smoky Burnouts ! Are You Ready

Today we are showing you guys a small video clip about the amazing classic muscle car Dodge charger 1968 that will be a fully entertaining and a source for positive vibes for many Mopar fans, especially for those people who are big time fans of the legendary Dodge Charger 1968.To produce in other words, you will get to feast your eyes and get the proper dose of adrenaline rush, watching the one and only 1968 Dodge Charger, killing some time on a secluded country road, by doing a little tire shredding and smoky burnouts. We do not have the information about what is under the hood of this classic muscle car, but I think that in this case, most of you would not mind that.

Because it does not take much for a true Dodge Charger 1968, to get into the groove, when he sees and feels the power and irresistible allure of this Detroit muscle, especially when there is a burnout action going on. Dodge Charger 1968 is one of the best old muscle car from all old muscle cars.  I looked at the wheels and noticed the shiny polished aluminum that once gleamed was now somewhat faded, and how my once perfect paint now has nicks all over the place.

Here is a guy who really feels in the mood for leaving his print on the asphalt with his awesome black dodge charger 1968 and show off to everybody who is the boss in front of him.

Watch the video Below and enjoy the power and beauty of the greatest dodge charger 1968. This great looking Dodge Charger 1968 440 has 7.2 liter Magnum Big Block V8 motor under the hood, which can give an output to about 320 HP. And the astonishing sound that it produces is the music for the ears of every Dodge Charger 1968 fan out there. This is a jaw dropping video for all mopar or muscle cars fan. Watch this epic video and don’t forget to share your precious comments with us.

This dodge charger 1968 has been through a lot with me behind the wheel, and in looking at all it’s imperfections and blemishes, I began to smile, as I knew where every single one of them came from. If you guys want to watch more videos of 1968 dodge charger, then feel free to click here and watch more videos of old muscle cars. 


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