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Dodge Charger 1969 By Jack O Hanlon ! Radiantly Red

This beautiful old muscle car radiantly red Dodge Charger 1969 is Jack O’Hanlon’s first classic muscle car. In fact, you might even say this Dodge Charger 1969 is the classic example of old muscle car. This Dodge Charger 1969 was O’Hanlon’s high school sweetheart since he bought the car in his senior year at Largo High School, in Largo, Florida. Although this beauty was not his first car, it is definitely his favorite. Seems his older sister had presented him with a t-shirt when he was eight years old. She grabbed the first shirt she saw that had a picture of a car on it and was the correct size. As it turned out the car on the shirt was a Dodge Charger 1969.

After only three years with Dodge Charger, his father resigned his position with the number three automaker, packed up his family and relocated to the bright sunshine and warm temperatures of Saint Peters burg, Florida. O’Hanlon’s dad took a position as the manager of a Union 76 service station just north of downtown Saint Petersburg. This is where O’Hanlon gained much of his mechanical abilities. “I spent a lot of time at the station,” O’Hanlon remembers.

O’Hanlon considered his dream car was stronger than ever. Over the years he had saved his money with the intent of someday buying his ideal ride, and he would settle for nothing other than a 1969 Dodge Charger . O’Hanlon said, “I think my addiction to the dodge Charger 1969 started back when Dad worked for Dodge, and he would bring me those decals,” he recalls. The decals, the shirt his older sister gave him when he was young, and the fact that he grew up watching the “Duke of Hazzard” cemented his craving to own a dodge charger 1969.

Specifications Of Dodge Charger 1969

The 335-hp 383 Magnum engine is completely rebuilt utilizing the stock Chrysler steel crankshaft and connecting rods, but O’Hanlon replaced the stock pistons with TRW flat top pistons. The cylinder heads are Chrysler 440 high performance ported steel heads with hydraulic lifters and a Chrysler purple-shaft camshaft. The Magnum engine is coupled to a Chrysler A833 4-speed manual transmission with a Hurst “wraparound” shifter.



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