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Dodge Charger 1969 Revving at Athens Greece ! General Lee

In This video you will watch the Dodge Charger 1969 Revving at Athens Greece , The bestest sound ever i heard is prodeuced by This General Lee. I do not have to emphasize the fact for which we are all aware, that these most famous legendary American muscle cars are extremely popular all over the world , and make people’s heads turn anywhere they appear. And if by some case we are talking about a muscle car that also had an important role in some of the most popular Hollywood movies and shows that people are watching on TV, it is practically impossible not to be recognized wherever it finds itself to be. There is no information how did it happen for the Dodge Charger 1969 to find itself at that square in the Athens Greece.

Here we have one such an example with the legendary Dodge Charger 1969  from the TV show “Dukes of Hazzard” , Which is better known as General Lee, that comes from the capital of Greece, Athens.



But that is not important at all. The main reason why we are showing you the following clip is in order to give a recognition to the fact that is always our pleasure when we see such a legendary American muscle, making heads turn in other parts of the world, which we rarely see.Watch video and see how that looks like and hear the well known Mopar sound of that 440 Magnum V8 engine, Dont Forget to share this video and also share your precious opinion with us . Hear the amazing sound of the general lee . This  is the car which used is the famouse movie Dukes of Hazzard and this charger got famous after this movie .



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