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Dodge Charger 1970 In Jay Leno’s Garage ! Awesome Look

Jay Leno’s opinion on this dodge charger 1970 is that, he knows everything about his cars, and when jay leno says that the car has too much horsepower. Then it will get every old muscle car enthusiast’s attention. This dodge charger 1970 is modified by SpeedKore Performance, a company based in Wisconsin, which made the unforgettable 1970 Plymouth Barracuda for the Fast and Furious 7 movie. And they made this car with a splendid Pro Touring Look. When we talk about Pro Touring cars, it has been a passion to a lot of car fanatics lately, and it just doesn’t get better than Speed Kore’s astonishing 1970 dodge charger

While SpeedKore managed to preserve the classic muscle car zone, the front end now includes a carbon fiber look and fenders. Underneath the light hood there is a twin-turbo, 9.0 L Mercury Marine offshore boat racing engine with an amazing 1650 HP! And all that power communicates with the real wheels through Tremec six-speed manual and limited-slip rear differential. The engine plumbing in this dodge charger 1970 is also astonishing, with a mill that packs a huge radiator and intercooler to keep things cool.

The rear rubber is a Michelin Sourced 345-series tires that are enough to give the grip and the forward momentum when the throttle is heavily pressed on. Once you’re done figuring out where that 32-valve monster came from, your eyes quickly slide to the exposed carbon-fiber front “sheetmetal,” which slowly blends into the rest of the body with one of the deepest blacks we’ve seen on a dodge Charger 1970.

Some Other Features Of Dodge Charger 1970

When SpeedKore redesigned this model, they made a new carbon fiber front end bodywork. But there is a lot more of carbon fiber inside going on. Most of the panels in fact are carbon fiber, some are left revealed while other parts are wrapped in leather, micro suede or both. The seats are all custom made, but it doesn’t linger far from the original Dodge Tantrum aesthetics. The Dodge Charger 1970 will always be a slab of America dominated by its motor. And what a motor! We’re dealing with a Mercury Marine engine. During the sipping gas pump, the engine of this 1970 dodge charger delivers around 1,300 hp, which is still enough to leave everybody in a cloud of tire smoke when desired, all with the help of a Tremec tranny.

This Dodge Charger 1970 also has a roll cage installed, and that is not a surprise at all when you know that this SpeedKore 1970 Dodge Challenger Tantrum custom made edition got a 9.0 L twin turbo Mercury Racing V8 QC4v engine under the hood!

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