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Dodge Charger rt 1968 Old Muscle Car ! Photo Gallary

Dodge charger rt 1968 is a muscle car which has a amazing quality.  The entire body is lineup for 1968 is redesigned and this charger is very different from other charger. The designer of this Dodge Charger RT 1968 named Richard Sias developed a double diamond coke bottle profile with some curves around the rear quarter panels.  The one more designer took part in the preparation of this dodge charger rt 1968, his name is Harvey. Harvey designed front and rear end sheet metal, which is looking so impressive and superb. Actually the total work on this is incredible. Designer took care of each and every thing during the preparation of this muscle car. You guys can see a restore dodge charger rt 1968 here. These types of restored charger occur most often when restoring vintage American cars. Because most of the chargers were unibody structured. It means that the charger does not have a fully removable frame than others.

The entire body of this Dodge charger rt 1968 is place on 360 degree rotating spit which is much like the way meat is cooked over a fire pit. Power steering and 4 wheels power disc brakes make this beast a pleasure to drive. This is the most important features of this beast.

Specification and Features Of Dodge Charger rt 1968

The exterior of this charger is stock, and it is restored to its original condition. Most of the interior remained restored stock. The big and main change was in the addition of a custom billet aluminium dash with classic gauges.

V8 engine, 318 in the base model, two 383 engines (2 and 4barrel) and the 440 Magnum with 375 bhp. 4-speed manual or a 3-speed automatic.



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