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Dodge Challenger Hotchkis E-Max – Sweetest Car I Guess-

This 1970 Dodge Challenger re worked by John Hotchkis and his team at Hotchkis Performance.

This E-body Challenger (hence the name, which basically means “E to the max”) retains more of its vintage shaky vibe, with its original six-pack-carb setup atop a cammed-up 340 Mopar small-block V-8, bored 0.030 over and rattling the chassis’ loose rafters through Flowmasters and thundering side exhaust outlets. When it’s cold, you can hear each cylinder firing like individual sticks of dynamite, a raunchy piper’s tune that draws out the neighborhood’s 14-to-18-year-old male population in herds. A five-speed Tremec transmission adds a welcome overdrive and digs the 3524-pound hunk of teen fantasy out of a hole briskly.

Hotchkis has done a lot over the years to help Mopars go around corners (Mopars don’t need a whole lot of help when it comes to going in a straight line). And their E-Max Challenger is a rolling example of everything they can do. Check out a cool video on this wicked E-body after the jump!



One thought on “Dodge Challenger Hotchkis E-Max – Sweetest Car I Guess-

  1. SIR :
    No subframe connectors ?
    No radiator support reinforcement ?
    No under hood bracing firewall bracing ?
    “Lowered Shocks” ?
    Aligned rear springs…great for straight line use.

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