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Dodge Ram 3500 Having Some Smokey Burnout ! Watch This

Here you can see a dodge ram 3500 which is doing an amazing and massive burnout, it is also spinning their all four tires. This burnout is simply amazing I hope you guys don’t see this kind of massive burnout. Every third house had a dodge ram 3500 and it’s does not matter that the mighty truck is in the garage or in the picture that is hanging on the wall of a house.  I think many of guys from all of you have just grown up with some pictures those are hanging out on the walls of your house or on the walls of streets where you can see some mighty cars or trucks in their amazing position or those were  passing you some smile. That thing makes us happy and that was our main goal, just to see these mighty cars on our house wall. This video is amazing and much entertaining, Watch this beast and also share this with your friends.

This incredible dodge ram 3500 is spinning all of their tires and this is really an amazing part of the video. When you see all tires are moving at a time and making some burnout. This Dodge Ram truck is hooked up to a virtually immovable 15.000+ lbs dumpster to see if it could spin all four tires. From the beginning of the video it will be clear that this dodge ram 3500 is not stock at all.

Usually these kinds of trucks have a 3.7 L V6 or in some cases 6.4 L HEMI V8 engine, but mostly it depends on the year. In short this white beast looks amazing and beautiful. I hope you guys will love this video and we should be very thankful to this dodge ram truck and also say thanks to the owner of this truck and the video maker.


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