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Dodge Viper Meets Forced Induction

RSI Racing Solutions has built a twin turbo dodge Viper pushing over 1000 hp. Hey, why should the Charger and Challenger have all the fun?

FIRE! NOISE! VIOLENT AMERICAN SPEED! These are the things you’ll get if you slap two turbos onto a Dodge Viper TA. Also, 1,042 horsepower at the rear wheels. Hellcat? More like Hell-kitten, amirite?

Another first from RSI Racing Solutions. Special thanks to Josh from Burnyzz for allowing us to build this car for him. This is our RSI Twin Turbo 1000 package featuring the RSI / John Reed Racing Motec M1 with full integration. Josh selected the traction control, boost by gear and flex fuel options making 1042 RWHP at 9.5 PSI

The RSI system consists of two Precision turbochargers, a stroker kit, forged engine internals, Motec management and new intakes alongside numerous other performance modifications including a stainless steel exhaust system. When it is all said and done, the kit apparently lifts power to 1000 whp on normal petrol as well as over 1500 at the rear wheels when running on E85 or racing fuel!

This brutish performance package will set customers back $89,950 on top of the price of an ordinary Viper. A slightly less extreme kit is available with 62 mm turbochargers instead of the 72 mm or 76 mm ones also available. It can still deliver over 1000 whp but is priced from $44,950.

That thing is a beast!! Hope to see people getting their hands on these!


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