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71 Dodge Challenger Vs 73 Dodge Challenger ! Dodge Challenger Classic

Two great dodge challenger classic facing each other in a street drag race on the streets of lebanon, the first one is 1971 dodge challenger and the other one is 1973 dodge challenger. Most of you who are following the world classic muscle cars and crazy sports car scenes on daily basis are probably familiar that Lebanon is one of the Middle East countries in which people are crazy about american muscle cars and love one on one drag racing. So after a long time, here we have one short, but very appealing drag race video of dodge challenger classic that is coming directly from the streets of Lebanon, as we are about to see something that will put a big smile to the face of every dodge challenger classic fan out there. Actually we do not have to tell you that we really do not approve something like this, racing on the streets where there is a high possibility of people that may appear at any given moment, but I guess there are people everywhere in the world, who do not really care about it so much. Well, there are causes and there are consequences. But here we will concentrate on the most important things for us, those two great generations of the Dodge Challenger classic.

This video is not much long, in which we only have a chance to see the cars preparing for the race and launching and accelerating, the outcome is unknown. But, regardless of the fact that the video is actually not complete, it is a real pleasure to see muscle cars or Dodge Challenger classic examples somewhere on the other side of the globe.

Watch this amazing video and don’t forget to share your views with us. I hope you guys will like this amazing videos of american muscle cars.

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