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Drifting in Front of Turkish Police ! Crazy Drivers

Would you like to do some drifting near a cop?! Lots of us would not, but luckily today we have someone who loves that kind of adrenaline rush. Watch out this crazy drifting in front of Turkish Police. These drivers are out of their minds. During the protests and the parades in Turkey, one guy with Honda S2000 wanted to show off. During the protest it is the police duty to be there and secure the place from potential incidents starting there.

We can see in this video that one police car and one police motorcycle standing on the road. Then one proud driver of Honda S2000 decides that he wants to be famous in Turkey and suddenly he starts Drifting in Front of Turkish Police.



The police car turned on the rotation light but this guy loved the attention and continued to drift the Honda. Then the crowd was looking at him and the great drift that he made, but the police man with the motorcycle decided to catch him. The Honda drifted away, but not stopping to the policeman warnings and rotating lights. But if he hadn’t been drinking alcohol, he would get out of this situation easy,


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