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Extend the life of your Tire ! 2 Videos of Regrooving Tires

These day there is more of a need than ever for truck and fleet owners to keep operating costs as low as possible.  Increasing tire mileage and decreasing fuel consumption is the most effective way to achieve this.  Fuel and tires are a truckers two biggest expenses.  Regrooving is the key to the most cost effective use of both.  Truck tire regrooving has been shown to increase tire mileage by 30 % and at the same time dramatically decrease fuel consumption.  Simply put, regrooving your truck tires, original rubber and/or retread rubber, will save you a lot of money. Tire grooving can surely be slow but being fast at it doesn`t necessarily mean that it is good. It is always better to take your time and go for the quality! Finally, by watching these videos you will know in the future how to recognize a regrooved tire

Watch 2 videos and learn Regrooving Tires


in the other video , we will show you how to prolong your tire`s life by regrooving them! Regrooving tires can extend their life, provide a simple alternative to retreading as well avoiding buying new once often! However, have in mind that by regrooving the quality of the tire is getting lower


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