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Fast and Furious Cars At The Detroit Autorama 2015 !

We all like the Fast and Furious movies, but what we like about them? We like more the cars that were used to shoot the movie. These cars from Fast and Furious have been under heavy modification, and we cannot just pass through them. Now we have them all in one video, here at the Detroit Autorama 2015. Thanks to the host who decided to collect and to show all of the cars that were used in the Fast and Furious movies, it is a sight for the eye. In the front of the hall we have the older Fast and Furious cars that were used in the first two movies and they still look amazing. Our good friend from YouTube ScottieDTV was there to film these beauties.

Fast and Furious Cars At The Detroit Autorama 2015 ! 

It doesn’t matter that it has been more than 10 years from the first movie of Fast and Furious series, these cars look like real classic race cars, with no scratch on them. We like how they were preserved, kept like new all this time. There is another thinking about the old race cars from the movies, and that is these cars will be sold sometimes for a lot of money to the real Fast and Furious fanatics. We don’t need to buy them, it is enough for us to see them in a video, that they are still furious as before.

Scottie was able to see a few of these iconic cars from Fast and Furious before they hit the showroom. Seeing the evolution of the cars through each movie showed progression and the always changing trends within the avenue of cars. Although they’re merely just movie cars, they hold much history behind them not only for the entertainment world but also the car community. there was Vin Diesel’s beast, the Dodge Charger 1970 that was all-black and all-business. To see these cars brings moviegoers and car enthusiasts back; essentially some nostalgia. Wrecked in the first film and rebuilt for the fourth installment, they went with a matte black finish versus gloss black paint.


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