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Fast and Furious Ford Mustang with a Skyline Engine !

You have seen it, if you have watched the movie, is the car that, in the last scene, saves the day. This is why Ford built this pony car, to finish the job properly where other’s failed to achieve . Ever since the cars list of  The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift was leaked, there has been only one car that people have been talking about: the RB engine-powered 1967 Ford Mustang fastback. While we must say that it is a beautiful car, it is the only vehicle we can think of that managed to offend both import and domestic guys. In 1967 Ford Mustang chief engineers struggle to find a way to fit the newly design car its promise heart. A massive 289 V8 engine, for that they need a larger engine bay and from this came other necessities. Suspensions were beefed up to accommodate the added weight and this meant strengthening the body and frame. As a result the length was increased by 2″, the width by 2.7″, and the height by 1/2″. Not so much as to spoil the familiar Mustang styling but enough to create a gutsier look matching the new performance.

Ford Mustang had, in fact, minor details obtained from the two-seat Ford Thunderbird and the Lincoln Continental, while a detail is taken from Ferrari`s grille. However, the Mustang is a result of hard work and extreme knowledge in engineering. Universal Studios needed a car for their next movie and they had the 1967 Ford Mustang into consideration, but the only hindrance was Mustang`s V8 engine. But, they found solution for that, too. They modified the engine with some Japanese details. For Universal Studios to make this car suitable for the role, it had to buy some elements and put them in the car. However, not a lot of elements could be found in shops and therefore a lot of elements had to be made in a factory.


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