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FEARLESS Sarah Lezito Is Definitely The BEST STUNT RIDER

she has been doing awesome stunts and unbelievable tricks with her bike. she is getting too mch dangerous due to such terrifying stunts.. every stunt is piece of great incredibility…This girl is amazing. There is no other word that will describe her better. You can call her skilled, you can call her professional rider or biker but amazing is the most correct. She is riding her bike like no other biker and the interesting thing is that she is a girl. You have never seen a girl like this before. She has the strength to keep the bike on the rear tire for a lome is Sarah Lezito and she comes from France.

You would expect that a girl from France would be a calm, romantic girl but she claims that she has fallen in love with motorbikes since she was a child and now she cannot live without her bike.She uses bikes from different manufacturers but she says that it doesn’t matter who makes the bike but who rides it. And she is right. She drives her bikes in any position possible, standing up on two hands on the gas tank or sitting in the opposite direction. No problem for this girl she is doing any stunt possible. Check out the video bellow.


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