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Ferrari 458 Spider Cuts Off A Nissan GTR ! Idiot On Road

A Ferrari 458 Spider cuts off a black Nissan GTR R35 which in order to avoid hitting a wall, turned right and crashed into what appears to be a Honda Accord. The idiot driver of the Ferrari 458 Spider did not even try see if the owner of the Nissan GTR or the driver of the other car is alright or not. This is why speeding like this that occur on the public road is extremely dangerous and completely irresponsible thing to do. It’s one thing if you don’t care about your life, but endangering other people’s lives as well is just inhumane. Unfortunately for the driver of the Ferrari, the license plate of his car is clearly filmed on the video so he’s about to answer some questions to the police. I hope he gets what he deserves. Not only was this 458 Spider driver not paying attention as he weaved through traffic at high speed, he also narrowly avoids colliding with a Nissan GT-R driver, who’s forced into some emergency braking, which doesn’t end well. The Ferrari driver appears from a lane TWO lanes over on the right, cuts off the driver with the dash cam, and then proceeds to cut off the driver in the GTR which causes him to swerve and hit the other car.
It’s a good job the expensive smash was caught on film, as otherwise the innocent GT-R owner would have very little way of proving his innocence in the carnage. The Nissan GTR driver loses their control and crash a nearby car, sending it into a spin. The Ferrari, meanwhile, swans off into the middle distance.

The Ferrari 458 Spider driver was completely oblivious to Godzilla right behind and in order to miss the 458, the GT-R driver took evasive action and braked heavily while also swerving to the left.


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