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Untouched from 25 years Thats Camaro Z28 & 1970 Road Runner

looks like it was filmed in the 90’s. . that was a drug dealers car that they were selling for some cash! that happen lot in the 90’s! ( Thought)

Most Likely Back when it was new , a dealership employee drove off with it (back before dealers had security cams) and put it there, hoping to someday register it after the “Stolen car 7 year ” period.  Back then any vehicle reported stolen stayed in a data-base at DMV, and fell off records after 7 years and could be titled.  Probably either moved away or died before the re-title was done It happened alot back then, in case you always wondered why there are so many BARN FIND cars that are in such good shape. You had to keep the stolen cars hidden very well, so authorities just couldnt find them in any way Beautiful car either way..

Untouched from 25 years Thats Camaro Z28 & 1970 Road Runner

This automobile is absolutely a beautiful find. Still wrapped, 4 miles! Hot dam I would have been ecstatic ear to ear smile. I would keep it as is and that would be my ride or die babe. Till the end. Awesome find to whomever found this.  1970 road runner is under much dust Wow, that 70 roadrunner was sitting in there just as long then that thing is worth some BIG bucks!!! Untouched since 1985…..wow… you can see its condition seems to be very new and this camaro Z28 feels to be so original also steaker of dealership wrapping is still can be seen on this awsome car which has been barned ..Sad what a waste. Al the rubber is dry rot and forget the fuel lines and break fluid It better to burn out then fade away.seems to be have only 190HP … THOUGH THAT CAR IS BAD ASS… DOES IT REALLY MATTER IF IT HAS ONLY 190 HP TO IT???

I wish I could find and keep the car from barn!! how nice is that. See the video and share your comments..


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