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Ford F 350 With 54 Inch Tires ! It’s Just WoW

Here is a powerful Ford F 350 truck with huge rims that is embodying the entire essence of what it means to own a powerful and mighty truck. You are a Ford truck fan, or you are standing on the exact opposite side of the spectrum, and you are one of the whole army of Chevy trucks aficionados, I think that after you are done watching the video below, most of you will agree with me when I say that this is the real way how a built up Ford F 350 truck is suppose to look like. Actually we do not have so much info about what is this powerful packing, but I think that most of you would not mind that, because this amazing Ford F 350 truck is really something to just watch and admire. Most definitely one of the best monster trucks that I have seen in a long time. I will let you watch the video below and comes up with your own point of view about it. After that you guys can write or tell your comments about this monster ford truck.

This is a very unique setup for a semi truck in that it’s a road legal Ford F 350 With 54 Inch Tires. Most trucks that we show with 54’s are also lifted up sky high.  This ford truck is not massively lifted. 

Massive body lifts only raise your truck center of gravity, making it harder to off road.  This truck’s center of gravity is pretty much as low as it possibly could be while still having 54 Inch Tires. In addition, his TTC Super Duty was built by none other than Toby Lavender, the architect behind our Top Truck inspired Mega Titan and our head judge at TTC. We also know, however, that “home-field advantage” at Top Truck has been an illusion up until now.


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