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Ford Falcon GT vs Lamborghini Gallardo ! Watch Amazing Drag Race

Germans invented the M, RS and AMG badges for their sedans, the Aussies were pumping out cars like the 1971 Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III, widely regarded as, if not the, one of the fastest production saloons of its time with a top speed of 141.5 mph. One cannot tell if the yellow with black stripes Ford Falcon GT is original or a heavily tampered replica (it looks like the 1970-1972 Ford Falcon XY, but it could be a 1969-1970 Falcon XW, as the styling differences between the two were minor), but this old lady can sure put up a fight – even against a contemporary Lamborghini . You think you have a V10 italoalemán enough to race a car at least 30 more years older than yours , you’re wrong . But do not count on the fact that this car is a Ford Falcon GT , one of the most impressive and powerful cars that have existed Australians . Apparently the Ford Falcon GT in question belongs to the XY series , which puts him at least 300 hp from its 351 Cleveland V8 engine , although I must have some modifications to overcome the Lamborghini of the way it does .




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