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Ford Fiesta Mpg ! Ken Block’s Insane Driving in His Hybrid Ford

Watch the Ford Fiesta Mpg drive by Ken Block . He is driving insanely his ford fiesta mpg and amazing drifting and burnout you ever seen . Once in “Gymkhana 3” American replace abandoned airports and ports with 51-degree tilt of the oval Autodrome de Linas Montlhéry in Paris, he now probably has decided to show his hooligan acts on several different surfaces.So, in 2012 the rally master introduced a new video entitled: “Gymkhana 4: The Hollywood Megamercial” with a lot of smoke, slides, passages through the walls. And all of this – in the entourage of a Hollywood scenery. The shooting efforts took place in the studio Universal Studios Hollywood. The car used for this video was Ford Fiesta Mpg Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle. Trim levels in Britain became: Studio, Style, Zetec, Zetec S, Titanium, Titanium X and the newly introduced ST. Luxurious equipment from the Focus and Mondeo was also made available on the face lifted Titanium X model. Engines were also changed, with the 1.0 litre Ecoboost from the Focus debuting, with 95 and 120 hp, and a naturally aspirated version of the same engine producing 80 hp.

In 2013 the Ford Fiesta Mpg received a facelift ,which was the first to use the new trapezoidal grille, now used on the Ford Focus, Fusion and Mustang .



Inside, the dashboard was redesigned with better quality soft touch materials, following criticisms of the hard, cheaply textured original. A new analogue instrument display is included in a style similar to the Mk 2 Ford Focus. The facelift also includes new technology, including power folding mirrors, automatic and ‘home-safe’ headlights, automatic windscreen wipers, Bluetooth with voice control.The changes had immediate effects on sales. After years being outsold by Vauxhall’s Corsa, among others, in February 2006 Ford announced sales in the preceding month were up 25% on January 2005 for the previous model. Furthermore, the Fiesta captured the title of Britain’s most popular supermini in both 2006 and 2007, for the first time since 2001



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