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Ford GT +2000hp Texas Mile Record 278 Mph ! Watch This Beast

Twice a year down in Beeville, Texas, the craziest and bravest power mongers in America get together for the celebration of speed that is the Texas Mile. For the last few years the twin-turbo Hennessey Ford GT dominated the speed records there . until this weekend, when a new Ford GT obliterated the old record. Evo reports that the Ford GT was putting out around 2,000 horsepower during its record run, compared to 500 hp for a stock GT.  The Ford GT was modified by M2K Motorsports and packs no less than 2,000 HP . which was enough eradicate Hennessey’s domination of the Texas Mile in the last few years. The previous record was established in March with a top speed of 267.6 mph  but this has been taken down by 10.6 mph (17 km/h) as the customized Ford GT hit 278.2 mph . By the way, it is claimed that this Ford GT has +2000HP! Therefore, enjoy the sound of it in the video bellow.



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