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Ford Mustang 67 Pro Touring With 545ci V8 Engine!

We found this Ford Mustang 67 Pro-Touring on ebay RK Motors in Charlotte, NC. The body of this 1967 ford mustang shows some serious modifications and upgrades. This Ford Mustang 67 has a 545ci V8 engine, a Tremec 6-speed transmission. But the horsepower hasn’t been specified. we are certain that this beast it`s not lacking it. The chassis has also been fortified and a coilover suspension system has been installed. The interior is covered in red leather and it has an amazing sound system. The aesthetics of the Ford Mustang 67 have been completely redone as well, and a Shelby-look front end has been combined with custom fabricated body components finished with six coats of black paint and ten coats of clear. Inside the cockpit of this Ford Mustang 67 has been completely covered in red leather, and a massive sound system has been installed with subwoofers residing where the rear seats used to be. The underpinnings of the Ford Mustang 67 are equally impressive, with a coilover suspension system, tubular control arms and plenty of chassis reinforcement. As a man with many vehicles in his garage he also wanted his new baby to be unique, so the owner of this Ford Mustang 67 did some exterior customization to his muscle car as well. Watch this amazing video of 67 ford mustang and also share your opinion with us.


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