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Formula 1 car pass under the flying Renault truck World Record ! Epic Action

In this video a Formula 1 car of the F1 Lotus team had enough time to pass under the flying Renault truck . The American company EMC Corporation, engaged in cloud computing, and the team Lotus F1 Team have joined forces in order to get into the Guinness Book of Records for the most impressive jump with the perfect truck. Together they released a promotional video in which a Renault semi-trailer truck jumps from a springboard. Behind the wheel of the truck was the British stuntman Mike Ryan, who was able to fly through the air almost 25.5 meters  above the Lotus Formula 1 race car. The car was driven by another professional stuntman. The creators of the video say that in the course of its creation was set a world record for the length of the jump truck. The video was recorded in order to increase the awareness of the EMC brand . This American corporation is engaged in the creation and delivery of products, services and solutions for information management and storage. The British grand prix outfit used an old airfield to launch their Renault transporter skyward, and over the top of a superseded race car driven by Russian stunt driver Martin Ivanov.


The semi-truck jumped over an Formula 1 car , setting a Guinness World Record for the longest ramp jump by a truck and trailer at 83 feet and 7 inches.



Mike Ryan is making a real name for himself these days. He’s had a good name in Hollywood and motorsports for some time, but now he is enjoying even more exposure to the public thanks to stunts like this one. Ryan’s resume is pretty impressive, with gigs for films like Terminator 2 (remember the semi that jumped off the bridge and into the ditch?) and the remake of The Italian Job on it. The guy can also drift a semi-truck like Ken Block drifts rally cars, and he even races the big rigs on the Pikes Peak course. Needless to say, Ryan is insanely cool and was the perfect person to use for this amazing stunt.



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