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1969 General Lee Charger From Dukes Of Hazzard !

The legendary muscle car 1969 general lee charger is one of the most famous car from on the earth and it appears in the movie dukes of hazzard. This car got famous from this movie. This 1969 dodge charger was the only one general lee car that survived in Dukes Of Hazzard movie and it was sold at auction. The duke’s boy Bo and Luke Duke and their cousin Daisy and an uncle hat’s name is jesse raced around the couty commissioner which is known as “Boss” Hogg and Rosco. In the famous movie title this race was used by a stuntman. He jumped over a Hazzard police officer. This charger was driven by the popular stars Dukes Bo and Luke. This is also known for its signature horn and because of its police chasing and the stunts. This 1969 charger’s name is reference to the General Robert E. Lee and it has a confederate flag of United States of America on its roof. This flag reminds the army that is led by General Robert E. Lee.


1969 dodge charger general lee featured a confederate flag on its roof in the Dukes of Hazzard movie. Warner brother’s used an average of two or more than two dodge chargers in the movie dukes of hazzard. At the end of the movie total 300 dodge chargers were used as a general lee. This is a very big amount of chargers those are used in the same movie.

Later this tv show removed from the channel, according to New York Post report, it is a part of backlash against the meaning of the confederate flag of United States Of America that is painted on the roof of the car.


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