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General Lee Is Crazy!!! BEST Jumps And Crashes

The car that was used in the story was a model from 1969, but sometimes was also filmed and reworked a 1968 version. The benefit of upgrading was minimal: round turn signals with wings, replacing taillights and insert baffle into the front of the grille. Official statistics says that in the show were used 309 cars, while General Lee fan site reports a figure of 321 Dodge Charger cars, and actor John Schneiderse (Bo Luc in the series) revealed that in general there were 329 pieces of the orange “general.” But it is not so important, because 93% of all vehicles were smashed during filming.

On the screen to the next point, General Lee continued to drive and drive, but in reality such a muscle car has just set off the press. At the moment there is information of only about 17 (according to other sources 23) preserved General Lee Chargers. Enjoy the following video!


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