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GTA 5 – Semi Truck Jump ! Amazing video watch it

There’s a video that managed to go viral featuring a semi-trailer pulling off a flip stunt in Grand Theft Auto V. It’s contained within a meta data file, housing modifications for things like the suspension, tire grip, turning, acceleration, mass, thrust, braking and weight.The stunt itself is something you see a dozen times over with motorcycles and bikes, but seeing a massive truck pull off the stunt and land it perfectly has the internet buzzing like bees around a hive.There are some minor hoops that have to be jumped through to modify the game, but the OpenIV team have tried hard to make it as easy as possible so videos like the one below can be made possible.

Gamer BlackSmoke Billy captured really epic moment in Grand Theft Auto 5 game when he made this awesome semi truck stunt jump that you have to see!

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