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F-18 Super Hornet Vs Formula 1 ! Who Will Win The Race ?

F-18 Super Hornet Vs Formula 1 Amazing Drag Race . Formula 1 car daring to attack F-18 HORNET Fighter Plane with Monster Jet Power. Everything happens at an Air Base in Australia. Reigning F-1 champions Red Bull lined up their latest driver Daniel Ricciardo alongside a Royal Australian Air Force F-18 Super Hornet fighter jet for a spectacular drag race.    The event was held at a military airbase near Melbourne ahead of the Australian Grand Prix so Aussie driver Ricciardo was the obvious choice to get behind the wheel. Impressively the race car was quicker off the mark than the jet, screeching off the line and pulling out an early lead . But there was only ever going to be one winner, and when the awesome power of the Hornet’s two jet engines kicked in, it surged ahead before soaring off into the clouds.It is Ricciardo’s first season with Red Bull with the 24-year-old replacing fellow Australian Mark Webber.

The pilot of F-18 Super Hornet is Michael Keightley on the other hand Daniel Ricciardo is the Formula 1 car driver.


Red Bull, which is based in Milton Keynes have been struggling to adapt their car to the new rules for 2014 whilst maintaining their performance, with the biggest obstacle appearing to be incorporating the new turbo-charged 1.6 litre V6 engines with a host of energy-saving devices. Replacing the old V8 engines, this change is seen by many as the principal defining factor on the track as opposed to aerodynamics. Looking ahead to the season Horner believes it won’t be until May before Red Bull are competitive. He said: ‘We believe it is inherently a good car. I have every confidence in the team. There’s no panic.‘There are engineering solutions and there is no better set of engineers in the pit lane. By the time we get to the European races in May.




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