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INCREDIBLE Epic cars in Barns Charger 500, Super Bird and more

Rare Aero Cars, Daytona, Charger, Superbird, Talladega, Cyclone. All sitting cars in barns ..

Ryan Brutt, aka The Auto Archeologist, has uncovered one incredible collection of dormant cars. The owner has an obvious knack for knowing what to collect but is a little lax when it comes to proper upkeep. Find more info at Street Legal TV. Video after the jump!”These cars are not for sale. I’m going to fix them up one day.” This is the unfortunate statement of people who don’t have the skill, resources and/or time properly do so. It’s the mental disease of a hoarder and it makes me sick. They would rather let these vehicles decay into oblivion rather than sell them to an experienced car lover/collector so they can be properly restored, stored and appreciated. The longer they sit like that the harder they are to bring back.

In barns across the country, thousands of valuable cars worth millions of dollars sit, left to rot away and never be driven today. Sometimes the collection is limited to one or two cars, but this guy seems to have stumbled upon a jackpot!

As he walks through the barn, we can’t believe our eyes more and more every second as each car adds to the mystique of the hidden away midwestern barn find.

Check out the video of cars in barns below as the cars range from a 1969 and 1966 Dodge Charger to a Plymouth Superbird to a Ford Talladega. They’re all just sitting there being let go of. Are you ready to save one?

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