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Insane 2015 Ford Mustang F-35 Lightning II Edition ! Air Force Car

Ford Auto Company does not stop giving us one of those special moments in life, worth living for. Their latest pony family member, 2015 Ford Mustang GT F-35 Lightning II Edition , is being donated for EAA Young Eagles money raising auction, where Ford has become an annual and permanent benefactor. This great looking pony is thematically inspired from the fighter jets visuals, but underneath it is still the same 2015 Ford Mustang , powered with a V8, F35 Lightning II. The style comes from the well known fighter jet, Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II that is being used by the US Air Force from 2006 . “The idea to model one of our specialty builds after the F-35 was four years in the making, under discussion even as we created the SR-71 Blackbird Mustang for auction in 2010,” The extraordinary 2015 Ford Mustang looks to some extent like the plane, it pays tribute to, by method for a striking paint plan. The vast majority of the car is done in a polished, titanium-like gray tint, while the backside conveys the blue and yellow shades enhancing the plane’s vertical balances. A matte-dim stripe with yellow emphasizes keeps running over the hood and rooftop, There’s no word as to what engine lies under the hood, but we expect to see a 5.0-liter Coyote V-8 send its “more than” 420 horsepower and 390 pound-feet of torque to the rear wheels.







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