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Insane Drag Race Zombie 222 Electric Mustang Destroy Tesla P85D

Zombie222 destroys Tesla P85D
Trap speed was 140.89 (the “4” was not working on the sign.)
Were running a 2.47 diff and two Gear Vendors overdrives.In a quarter mile drag race, the 800-horsepower converted muscle car called the Zombie 222 ran 10.2 seconds against the 691-horse Tesla which finished in 11.4 – not slow by any means, but the Mustang EV is overpowered beyond overpowered.

The mustang could be stripped too (it is not). The problem with stripping weight from the Tesla is that 1200lbs is in the battery pack and that is nearly impossible to modify (unless you are Tesla). Of course that gives the Tesla a 250 mile range (sans racing 😉 that the Mustang does not have. There are pro’s and con’s to everything. The Tesla is a great car and for everything that it is, it is VERY quick (my hat’s off to Tesla)

Of course the Zombie 222 also makes the Model S look affordable with a starting price of over $200,000. But for that you get P85D-beating power in the timeless body of a 1968 Mustang, an American classic. Perhaps one day the Model S will join the Mustang in the pantheon of great American cars, but on this day at least, a modern classic beat out the cutting edge in a most convincing way.so watch the video and feel the real power of this zombie

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