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Ken Block’s 1969 Dodge Charger ! Watch this beast

Try to catch sigh of this 1969 Dodge Charger which I must say, looks really classy. When someone mentions a muscle like this one what comes to mind is an American car with something popping out of the hood. Right! It has a huge 572 Big Block with a supercharger. The advantage of it is that it makes more power at a lower rpm compared to the turbo. It is updated with the latest modern technology like digital displays and sound system. Regardless of the classiness, the sound that this ride makes is thundering, but it sure looks nice. Just as I have said numerous times before, there are great classic Detroit muscles, and there are the ones that make you feel your neck skin crawl from the very moment you lay your eyes on them. And of course, I know that there are many fans of the legendary Dodge Charger amongst you, which is why I believe that you are all going to enjoy the following video of this ultra-powerful and jaw-dropping 1969 Dodge Charger!

Those of you who are more into the mechanics, probably know that the advantage of this type of supercharger (which is updated with numerous temporary state of the art gadgets and modern technology) over the turbo is that even at a low rpm, it produces more power. And of course, that is great for the ones who love massive horse and torque power, blasting out of their ride!

4 thoughts on “Ken Block’s 1969 Dodge Charger ! Watch this beast

  1. Did I miss something? All I seen was a nice looking black Charger with a big blower idle it’s way to receive a small trophy. I was expecting something a little more to the wow factor from what lead me here.

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