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Kids Discovery of Classic General Lee Car Barn

It’s Really Cool I Wish when i was a kid i had the general lee Car barn .Kids Discovery of Classic General Lee Car Barn.

What an awesome video. Way to make the kids happy “Look honey at what I’ve just found, you know I’ve always wanted one and you always say no, wants the chances of that. Oh and by the way don’t check the savings account for while! I would have to say the dad bought the car without anyone knowing. Parked it in the barn, covered it with all the stuff, pretended he knew nothing about it and told his kids to go out to the barn and see what is there. It is obvious he knew it was there and knew it is his car.

thought thats a lovely video the kids look sweet when the call it Ohh look its 1969 charger as the car is general lee dodge charger… everyone seems to be a lover of dodge cars and see these little kids also have craze of dodge. crazy car barn


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