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Lamborghini Veneno is A Real Poison ! Drive This Beast

The stunning Lamborghini Veneno has amazing sounds that’s like the beginning of the end of the world. The sky opens, ground disappears under the feet while simultaneously all volcanoes are erupting . This is exactly howthis beast sounds! In automotive history is almost impossible to find a car that looks more terrifying than the hyper car of the company Lamborghini . The Lamborghini Veneno is a project with which the company Lamborghini marked the 50 years of its existence, and the name of the model in Spanish means “poison”. Under the hood of the Veneno there is the famous 6.5 liter atmospheric V12 engine, which for the purpose of this unique model was increased from 700 to 750 horsepower. The “poison” on the asphalt is propelled by the seven-speed robotised manual gearbox. The maximum speed of the car is 355 mph, while acceleration from 0 to 100 km/hfor this beast would take just 2.8 seconds .

This ultra rare Lamborghini Veneno  is powered by a 6.5 liter V12 engine that produces 750hp. Watch the video below and share your views with us.



weighting just under 1,450 kgs . 125 kilograms lighter than the aventador , the new development extensively
utilizes carbon-fiber materials, with the complete chassis produced as a CFRP monocoque, as with the exterior.
laid out for perfect airflow and downforce, the front end works as a large aerodynamic wing: large channels
guide the air to the outlets in the hood and windshield, as well as to the front wheels. angular Y-shaped headlamps
reach well into the fenders as well as the scissor doors. the rear of the ‘veneno’ has also been optimized for underbody aerodynamics and high speed cornering stability. its smooth underbody transitions into a substantial diffuser, framing the four exhaust pipes which are divided by a splitter to increase the level of control and grip
at high-speeds. woven carbon-fiber ‘carbonskin’ is utilized to adorn the entire cockpit, including
the two racing bucket seats and headliner.


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