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Largest Diesel Engine Of The World ! Roaring

The Largest diesel engine is roaring like wow ! “I really hope someone posts a video of a pug panting like a diesel engine on the Internet,” you’re in luck.  This super-cute dog has a unique party piece – when he pants, he sounds uncannily like a roaring Largest diesel engine. Dosh, a 3-year-old French pug was recently captured on video during a rapid panting session in Taiwan  and the resulting 30-second clip of the towel-wearing pup is oddly mesmerizing. Soothing, even. Close your eyes and turn up the volume. “Looks like we’re doing this!” Kevin Broccoli, the project’s creator, wrote after reaching his crowdfund goal. “See you all in September 2015!” Meet the panting pooch who can make the exact sound of a car engine – with his tongue . Dosh, a small black French bulldog who lives in China, is able to recreate the noise of an idle diesel engine as he pants repeatedly.

Lying in front of the camera with a flannel placed on his head, the tiny pooch uses his tongue to perform the uncanny impression of the largest diesel engine.


The three-year-old pooch has since become an Internet sensation, after evidence of his unique talent was uploaded to social media .Meanwhile, another French bulldog named Farley has gained online fame after becoming best buds with his baby brother.French bulldogs are known for their sweet nature, and often crave lots of attention from their owner.



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