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Lion takes a bite out of Chevrolet Camaro z28 ! Watch This Amazing Video

What do you get when you watch a Chevrolet Camaro z28 and a hungry lion who is not afraid to do anything insane . This is the only way to describe the video below that you are about to see in a few moments , In this Video a young lion is taking a bite out of the Chevrolet Camaro z28  that happened in his area . As much as we think that we know or have seen everything , there is always something new when it comes to the world of animals and this entertaining video is the proof of that . This is happening  in Great Britain, where we do not see that many Chevy Camaro, like here in the United States. .The main thing is that the guys in the car found themselves on the road with lions and trying to get his attention by knocking on the window, they have managed to get his attention and in a return, the lion shows made sure that they will also not forget this encounter by taking a bite of the car . Watch this amazing video and share your opinion with us .

There is no info about how did that Chevrolet Camaro z28 reached there, amongst the lions, so I’m not going to make any wild guesses.



They have stopped the Camaro , a Lion approaches this car curiously and decides to see what the bumper tastes like!  To a lion, this car is just a piece of meat .There’s something to be said for places where the human visitors are confined and the animals can roam a bit, but we’d imagine that for big cats, it would still be a pretty dull existence compared to life in the wild. The line took a bite like he is eating Human meat .




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