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MIGHTY Barn Find of Very Rare muscle cars in PORTUGAL !

1955 Austin A135 Ambulance, 1973 VW Beetle, 1974 Alfa Romeo, 1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint, 1950 Triumph Mayflower, 1964 Ford Mustang, and also many other cars

One of the many “fortunate discovery” scenarios people sometimes fantasize about involves taking possession of a dwelling and turning up something of great value

MIGHTY Barn Find of Very Rare muscle cars in PORTUGAL !

left behind by a previous resident — perhaps a forgotten stash of currency, discarded coins that were once common but are now worth a pretty penny to collectors, jewelry hidden away and never retrieved, etc. Purchasing an old farmhouse and discovering the property included a barn stuffed full with a few hundred vintage automobiles is a reverie probably outside the range of even the most optimistic daydreamer’s imaginings, but that’s the backstory that was created to enliven a set of photographs circulated in early 2007 that showed an “eclectic collection of old cars in a decaying building.”
New Yorker’s retirement gift to himself – a house on a few acres in Portugal. The house he found had been vacant for 15 years, the owners having passed away leaving no heirs. The property was being sold to pay back taxes owed, and besides the house, there was also a large metal barn on the land with its doors welded shut. Nobody took the time to see what was inside, so the property was sold as is. When the new owner and his wife arrived, they got to work opening up the barn and found – the barn find of the millennium. Inside the structure sat around 200 dusty classic cars. What an unbelievable bit of luck for the new owner!


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