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MASSIVE Burnouts in a 600+hp 1969 Dodge Charger !

Everyone loves a few burnouts now and then especially when the are coming from a car that sounds as good as this one does. No ones fucking wit you on the street if you see a 1969 Dodge Charger you clear the road and steer to the right , even ambulances in emergency  should give the charger the right of way nice sound. Love to hear the specs. Sounds like it has a different cam obviously and maybe longer rods? Either way what a wonderful sound. Don’t know what I like better the sound of a burnout or the sound of an AR-15. This 1969 Dodge Charger car is total testicles. Awesome car! I think I felt 8 polar bears dying when u revved that gorgeous car up. Nothin like that classic Milwaukee steel. Watch This Amazing video and share your opinion  with us. The massive engine with exhaust sound and some amazing burnout are waiting for you guys.

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