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MICHELIN’S Tweel Airless Tire – Best Thing For Sure-

Michelin’s Newest Airless Tires Are A Breakthrough innovation In The Automotive Industry!

 When the Tweel Airless Tire is put to the road, the spokes absorb road impacts the same way air pressure does in pneumatic tires. The tread and shear bands deform temporarily as the spokes bend, then quickly spring back into shape. Tweels can be made with different spoke tensions, allowing for different handling characteristics.

More pliant spokes result in a more comfortable ride with improved handling. The lateral stiffness of the Tweel is also adjustable. However, you can’t adjust a Tweel Airless Tire once it has been manufactured.

If you haven’t experienced a flat tire then you are lucky, but for those of us who have we understand all too well the hassle of changing a flat tire and airing one back up. In this video we get introduced to the new innovative Michelin Airless Tires that are able to drive on every possible terrain! These tires offer the three things every driver wants while on the road and that is no maintenance, no compromise and no downtime!

To know more about it watch the video

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