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Mountain DRIFT NISSAN GTR over Hakone mountain


Those drifts are awesome indeed.

The Nissan GT-R has a varied history. Although it has always had a strong following, some models to wear the GT-R badge haven’t always made the grade. But when Nissan do it well, they do it very, very well. Back in 1969, the 2.0-litre Skyline saloon was the first Nissan to wear a GT-R badge.

Motorhead hosted their first Hill Climb event held on the winding stretch of road that makes up the amazing Mazda Turnpike located on Hakone mountain. This special event played host to a wide range of racing machines from Super GT to classic race cars along with a high powered drift machine all with the sole intentions of attacking these fast paced, dangerous road.

The GTR is a Beast …did you notice the exhaust it had? Look like it had 3 on each side…this course is crazy Seems like Japan got their own comparison to Isle of Man

At the Motorhead Hill Climb event you will be able to see the finest Japanese drivers racing at high speeds. The event is the first hill climb event at Hakone mountain an it attracted some incredible cars such as the Ford GT 40, Nissan GTR, BMW Z4 GT3. Enjoy the video!


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